Day 0

From prepping to the surgical suite was about 3 hour wait . I spent most of the time wondering how bad it would be if I just left. I changed my focus from doing this prophylactic to convincing myself that there was cancer. I will eventually hear from pathology if that was true, but the mind set got me through the morning.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed. The anesthesiologist was explaining that I would need to fold my arms and bend forward for the epidural. But first a small injection that would make me feel like I had a drink. Not sure what was in that cocktail but that was the last thing I remember.

Next thing I remember is the elephant sitting on my abdomen. The first 3 hours were not fun. I maxed out on the pain medication and kept locking myself or. In time I noticed the pain subsiding and have been comfortable ever since.

6 thoughts on “Day 0

  1. You look pretty good, even with that ugly NG tube! I love reading your experience, good or bad, and knowing you are handling the rough times well. Praying for you today and always. Hope to see you next week.😘

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  2. Not your best picture Mike… but very happy to see you. Very brave decision made and inspirational to many who read this blog. You followed through on a tough decision and I’m sure you’ll bring that same attitude as you learn to live with this… As for pictures, the best was that costume party we went to year back…. 😉 See you soon.

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  3. I love the thumbs up because I know you are a trooper and will take this life challenge by the horns. You go this!!! XOXO


  4. I love the thumbs up! You are a trooper! Keep up the good fight and know that I’m with you along the way!! 👍😘♥️🤗

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  5. Versed, also known as midazolam, is the pre-op drug of choice. Sometimes they mix fentanyl in it as well, but I would guess not since you were getting an epidural for pain relief.

    I am enjoying (read as: casually sobbing) following your blog. Listening is a form of offering healing to the speaker. When we listen to the person telling his/her story, we offer an opportunity to heal, just by hearing them. Your first foray into narrative medicine has been illustrious. I look forward to following your journey back to good health.

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