Day 3

I need to learn what questions to ask. Woken at 5:00 AM for a blood draw. Around 7:00 the surgical team came in. Can’t remember if I mentioned that they took the foley out. So one less tube to carry around. Nothing planned for the day… or is there? Pain team was in by 8:00 followed by Dr Roses. At 9:00 transport came to take me to the vascular unit. No one could tell me why so I went for the ride to find out. They did an ultrasound scan on my legs for clots. All looked good. Got back to the room and thought since I was up I would go for my first walk. Kiley was my helper. When we got back to the room transport showed up to take me to PT/OT. OT wanted to review how I should be moving and what I can and cannot do until cleared by the doctor. PT wanted to make sure I will be able to get around the house, walk ., climb stairs, other small tasks. I think I passed. I would not have gone for that walk if I knew I was going to PT. Got back to the room and fell asleep to learn they were starting my tube feeding. Only 10ml per hour but when I pass gas I can get the NG tube out. No gas by the end of the day but plenty happened on a day when nothing was planned.

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