Days 5 and 6

At 5:00 AM the nurse woke me to give me the protein supplement. Flushing the line with 10ml of saline caused severe pain. I’m so bloated, there is no way she is squeezing in 45 ml of protein. I know the doctors will stop by in 2 hours so I asked her to stop the feeding. Started the feeding again without proteins. All was going well and they upped the rate to 40ml/hr. After a few hours I started burping and had reflux. They stopped the feeding for the remainder of the day.

I woke at 12:30 AM feeling good with energy. Sue was up so we took a walk. That got my GI system going. Woke again at 3:30 AM was wide awake, Sue was out so I went for walk. GI system was active. Doctors started my feeding around 8:00 AM at 30ml. It was a great day. They took out the epidural. No significant pain without it. Ate some broth and jello. At 4:00 PM they upped the rate to 40 ml. Within 2 hours I started burping. Best way to describe it is having heartburn without the burn. A dull substernal pain. That was happening 4-5 times a minute. I put the pain at a 9. I asked them to stop the feeding. The episodes slowed down after a few minutes and continued to lessen over the next 2 hours.

Shift change so it was about 7:30 PM. Doctor came in and wanted to restart the feeding. I still haven’t had a good bowel movement so I went into bargaining mode. “You can start the TEN if you give me a suppository. ” He said no he wanted my system to work on its own. I understand but no TEN.

It was a good night . My pain went from a 9 with the TEN to wanting IV pain meds to pain free, no need for meds. I had 3 bowel movements last night . As close to normal as I can imagine. I’m sure they will restart TEN. We will hope for the best.

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