What’s it Feel Like?

Sue asked this question which i hadn’t stopped to think about. I know what I eat travels into my esophagus then into my jejunum. I chew any solids I ingest to mush before swallowing. The antibiotic I take is a large pill. I swallow without problems. Even knowing I have no stomach left, the sensation is the same. I swallow and food goes to my stomach. The difference is that after I swallow I feel full on maybe 1 or 2 teaspoon. So I wait 2-3 minutes and go again. The week before surgery, I could eat, feel full, and stretch my stomach to include dessert. That doesn’t happen now. The simplest answer to how it feels is “no different “. Sensation and perception are same before and after. I suppose my brain has no reference for a body without a stomach.

One thought on “What’s it Feel Like?

  1. Hi Micheal! I love reading your experiences with you revised alimentary system! You continue to be in my prayers. Praying you don’t lose too much more weight and your comfort level improves with each passing day! Have you tried PB2 protein powder. I love the shakes and keto friendly! 😘🙏🏻

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