1:00 AM

Waking at some point during the night creates a dilemma. Do I try to fall back to sleep or do I try to eat something? It has been 5 hours since that protein biscuit, there should be room. The walk to the kitchen along with the calories will likely disrupt my sleep. Sleep or calories? Calories or sleep? Not that I need to be awake at a particular time. It is hard to judge where I am in recovery. Was that nap after my long walk the length of Howard Rd progress? Was it a good day or should it be 3 shorter walks and no naps? As mundane as these questions are, they make one realize there is no guide to recovery.

Tonight’s answer was lemonade. Unfortunately I’m left to grade my own test to which my response is “Goodnight!”

P.S. Shoutout to Dave. A good friend who often has trouble sleeping and may be awake this very moment asking himself similar questions?

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