Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

There have been a few moments of “normal ” recently. On Memorial Day, I had company at home and spent some time visiting with the neighbors. On Tuesday, I attended the award ceremony at Kiley’s high school. While the effort tired me out, it felt good to be out doing things I wouldn’t have thought twice about 6 weeks ago.

Today was my biggest outing. Conor was my driver to my 10:00 AM doctor’s appointment. BP 118/ 78, weight has been around 177 lbs for the last 10 days. This is a good target weight that I will try to maintain. The last suture was removed. J tube incision on the left is healing. The incision from the drainage tube on the right now has a scab. The surgical incision looks like someone drew a line from my sternum to umbilicus with a fine tip pen. While I’m not happy with the lack of energy, I was told that it would be about two more weeks before I turn that corner. I was cleared to increase activity within my limits. My physical restrictions are limited by energy and flexibility. My movements are restricted by the scar tissue in my abdomen. On bending and twisting, I fell tugging. That will clear as I become more active.

Speaking of more active… I felt good on the way back from HUP, so Conor and stopped by PCOM. Wanted to let people know and see that I am mending. It was a brief visit but being back in that building helped me feel “normal “. For those I missed, I will see you soon.

It had been 4 hours and I realized it was time to feed Conor. We stopped at Chipotle. I consumed a few bites in the time it took Conor to finish a bowl. Something as simple as eating out helped my motivation.

I realized during all this that I would likely pay for the level of activity but well worth it. An afternoon nap and I’m back to the spot in the family room that I’m wearing a hole in. I don’t have big expectations for energy tomorrow, but we’ll just wait and see.

Recovery continues.

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