The Routine

I wrote this back at the end of August. Probably had more on my mind then so I did not post it. Things continue to improve and it helps me to look back at where I was…

The process of eating has changed and improved noticably. Early on, I was setting a timer for 5 minute intervals between bites. These days, I can take in more, and the interval between bites is down to about 2 minutes. I do not use the timer as much. Occasionally if I am out, or working while eating lunch and find myself eating too quickly I will still set a timer. I try to track calories, protein and sugar. Since my intake volume is still low (but improving) I try to maximize calories and protein. The problem with protein is that shakes and drinks that contain more than 20g make me nauseous and lethargic. Sugar has not been a problem as long as I stay under 4g. Mornings are easy because there is more of a routine. Wake, take a probiotic, multi vitamin, and sublingual B12; then a high protein ensure (16g protein); eggs, if there is time, or a protein bar. Yogurt can also add about 12 g of protein if you get the right brand. This starts most of the days well even though I am not hungry, it is my routine. The variety of different Tuna Creation flavors makes lunch easier, less boring, and gives me about 16g of protein. Grilled chicken is another good protein source and when I can remember adding cheese adds calories and about 5 g of protein. I have eaten more nuts (peanuts, cashews and almonds) in the last month than I have in my lifetime; about 160 calories and 7-8 g of protein in a serving. They are an easier way to get calories and protein compared to other snacks. If I want something sweet a single cookie (chips ahoy) or 1 hershey’s kiss have less than 4 g of sugar. Dinner is often up in the air. If my diet during the day was bland, I might focus on taste over other nutritional concerns.

I have been surprised by the volume I can handle. For one lunch, I ate half of a cheese burger with the bottom part of the bun and 8 french fries; for breakfast I have eaten two scrambled eggs and a pancake. And I have been out a few times and getting the hang of ordering from the appetizer/starter menu. Most days I’m just happy to make it through the day with out any eating issues.

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