No way to know how I will respond after surgery. However, I’m going to set a few goals now and in writing to keep me on tract for recovery. I should expect to lose 20 to 30 pounds. I’ve been eating without restriction the last 3 weeks trying to put on a few pounds. I will weigh myself on Thursday with the goal of keeping my weight loss to 20 lbs. Sue and Kiley joined me this weekend in sampling some protein shakes and bars. I was happy to see that there is quite a variety that are high in protein (20 – 30g) and low in carbohydrates (1 – 4g). In general, they fall short of the actual flavor of that they try to mimic. (Note to self, eat some real cookie dough this week.) The good news is that I can tolerate them enough that I’m not worried about supplementing my diet as needed.

I bought a few books to read. I have a to do list at home that won’t involve physical stress. Physical goals might be harder to set and keep. Since March, I stopped spending time with family along with a sore shoulder has keep me from karate and the gym. My plan is to get back to both by the beginning of July even if the workouts are light. Eventhough we try to avoid contact when sparring occassional contact happens. I will need to wait for the doctor’s clearance to return to activity that would involve physical contact. If I can make it back to the dojo, I will try to get myself into enough condition to attend fall camp. I have no reference for setting these goals and I may fall short, but I need to have some direction and measure of progress. I’ll start with walks on the hospital halls, around the house, eventually around the block, and progress from there.

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