I’m a Klutz

There is no denying my clumsiness. I couldn’t have been a surgeon. At work if I accidentally cut a nerve or artery no one suffers. Going fo walks with the NG tube dangling out of my nose was uncomfortable. It got in the way and was tugged on several times. Started a nose bleed. It was anchored well so the only damage was to my nose. There is a small remnant of that bruise on my left nostril.

Now imagine having a skinny tube coming out of the left side of your abdomen about the level of the belly button. Should have thought to tape the j tube to my thigh or abdomen. Was all set to start my first night of feeding. Pump was running, I stood to find my shirt and pants were wet. The infusion nurse was still here. Flushing the tube revealed that it was partially dislodged. I could feel the fluid enter my intestine. The pressure causes pain. I could also see the fluid dripping out of the incision site. The nurse cleaned up the incision. The doctor on call at HUP was one of the residents who rounded on me and is aware of my case. I’m to do without for now. My appointment is on Thursday to have this evaluated.

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