When Eating Becomes Your Full Time Job

There are careers for this: Nutritionist, dietician, food critic, chef. I didn’t choose any of those because they didn’t interest me. I clearly need to change my ways. Had my feeding tube evaluated. It would not simply slide back in so it is secure but I will try to get by without it. I need dense food. No concerns about heathy. Fat calories are good. Simple carbs like finishing off a bag of m&m is a no. I can only handle so much Ensure. Takes about an hour to finish a scrambled egg and a slice of toast. So yes, eating is now my full time job. When I’m not eating I’m still thinking if there is any way I can ingest more calories.

You won’t want to eat during this story unless you enjoy dinner while watching Dr Pimple Popper. The doctor drained the infection around the insertion of the J tube. There must have been a pouch in my abdomen. The puss kept coming. Sue said she almost passed out. I couldn’t watch and almost passed out from the pain. It does look and feel better. The home nurse will check on it tomorrow.

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