Blame it on the Calamari

Last night was Shanna’s (Conor’s girlfriend) graduation from Henderson High School. I tried to plan my day to have the energy to attend. Grabbed a pair of pants from my closet and a belt hoping they would not be too baggy. Was shocked to find they were a good fit. Thank goodness for Conor and fate putting his pants in my closet.

We had to park at the furthest end of the lot from the stadium. The one time I thought handicap parking would have been nice. A walk I took for granted 2 months ago is now an accomplishment. The stadium bench was not comfortable but it was a nice ceremony and I was glad I could make it.

We were invited to join Shanna’s family for dinner at Teca in West Chester. Unfortunately things did not go well. I avoided the temptation to order a drink. Too soon to test handling alcohol. Should have had the same discipline with the shared appetizers. I took 2 pieces of calamari off the plate. My logic was they were smaller than the pills I was swallowing for antibiotics and I wouldn’t have a problem. Shortly after I had the sensation that something was stuck at the bottom of my esophagus. I small sip of water did not help. After a few minutes of enduring contractions I excused myself and was able to throw up in the bathroom. That’s a whole different experience without a stomach, a story for another time. I felt better, sat down at the table, took a sip of water to find I did note clear the blockage. I was warned about the potential for “plugging” and told not to worry in most cases it would pass. It was embarrassing. I made 4 trips to the restroom. Couldn’t eat or drink. Kiley finished her entree and offered to take me home. Had a few more visits to the bathroom that night. Even the mucus and saliva was backing up. I settled into the recliner and did my best to get some sleep upright. At 6:00 AM I took a sip of water. I felt discomfort but no blockage. Tried a bite of protein bar an hour later. All is clear and I’m easing back into my eating regime.

Add to the adjustment list that I need to be comfortable with who I am now. I was out with family and friends who have been nothing but supportive and were through this. It was still an awkward and embarrassing situation for me.

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