Caregivers’ Vacation

Sue, Conor, and Kiley have been through a lot these past few weeks. I’ve always wanted their lives to be as normal as possible given the circumstances. I had scheduled my surgery when the opportunity for a vacation came up. It would be 6 weeks post surgery. Even if I had the energy to travel , I would not be able to do much more. I’m happy that the family is enjoying time away.

Most of my recovery has been spent in the family room. A majority of those days I’m probably in the room 20 hours. With the family gone it was also my time for a change of scenery. For the next few days I will continue my recovery at the beach. Happy to have a different sofa to sit on and a different view. Mom drove me down and is keeping an eye on me so I’m not on my own. #notreadytosoloyet

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