Cloud is Lifting

Haven’t slept well the past few nights. Thought that my cat naps during the day may be to blame. Tried to stay active during the morning and afternoon but the fatigue hits hard and I have to lie down.

The positive side is the mental cloud has lifted. Knowing I would spend many hours in bed after surgery, I had hoped to do some reading. Some of you provided books and magazines to help me pass the time. I couldn’t get through a paragraph without pausing and realizing I couldn’t recall what I read. Likely the lingering effects of anesthesia and the fentanyl. Just something I was not prepared for. Good news…Dramatic improvement over the past week. I read one book and started another. Read magazine articles and worked on puzzle books I received. Having a noticeable improvement like this has been a big boost.

Decided I could start in on the 900 emails in my work account. All I can say is I am lucky to be on leave. Also grateful to for the awesome people I work with for taking care of everything. I was starting to get nervous about all the work I was returning too (I guess another sign I’m getting better), but the snafu’s are being handled. (Maybe I should take more time off?)

One thought on “Cloud is Lifting

  1. Mike,
    I sent a few books your way that I’ve enjoyed through Audible. One is a trilogy by a famous Chinese Sci-Fi author that was pretty deep with technology but you should enjoy the science. The other is a Neal Stephenson title called Seveneves… it was awesome so hope you enjoy


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