Stepping on the scale keeps reminding me of the Stephen King novel “Thinner”. I don’t think I’ve insulted any gypsies and I haven’t eaten any pie since I’ve had surgery so I’m ruling out that I’ve been cursed. Members of the support group I’m in say to not worry about the number as long as you are healthy. I’m not worried about the number, I’m worried that the number is still going down, now below 170. Getting my weight stable is my only medical goal. I’ve been cleared for increasing physical activity. The only restriction is to not lose weight.

Started looking more closely at labels. 26 Cheez-its are 150 calories and 28 almonds are 170 calories. The almonds take up less volume, so the better option. Not good that I have to think this way. Also, you can get about 12g of protein from yogurt, but I realized that I was selecting a brand with less sugar. If I’m eating yogurt I want the maximum calories. I was also drinking G2 and crystal light which were recommended. The experience of drinking water without a stomach is a topic for another time. If I’m trying to get down 64oz of liquid volume in a day I need more than 40 calories so I need to figure out how much protein powder I can add and keep it palatable.

I appreciate those who tell me, I don’t look different as much as those who have said, the weight loss is noticable. Not worried about how it looks. Focused on how it feels and if it is healthy.

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