Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

I suppose it is only natural to have set backs. I need to remain focused when eating. The last 2 days I had plugging 3 times! Fell into the mode of eating normally, which is too quick when there is no pouch to hold food. One of these was me trying to have some soup before going to teach a 3 hour lab. Even with everything being soft, I was chewing, but took in too much volume in about 15 minutes. This was about a quarter cup which still blows my mind that I couldn’t handle that much. What’s more frustrating is that I lost those calories and it was about an hour before I could eat again. I took a protein bar up to lab and ate that slowly over several breaks. The others were both cases where I felt comfortable and ate to quickly. That turned me off from eating for the rest of the evening. I’m not suprised that I let my guard down and fell back on my old habits. Should have realized that 50+ years of eating habits won’t disappear in 9 weeks. I’m back to setting my timer as a reminder to pause between bites. The discomfort from the plugging and the thought that I spent time eating and got zero calories has got me back on track.

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