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Next step… back to training karate. I’ve been reading about people who had total gastrectomies and how they are returning to work and activities 3-4 weeks after surgery. How is that possible? Training for me started to slow down in January when Brian first told us about the CDH1 mutation. It slowed down more when I learned I carry the mutation. I didn’t train at all in April. Monday is an all rank class. I figured I could go and train as a white belt and ease my way back into things. Elijah taught the class. At my healthiest, I often struggle to get through one of his classes. It was a good class. The pace is was not a problem. I focused on the movements, not worrying about speed or power. I know my technique was sloppy and there was no way I was doing that kick and dropping to the floor in kanku sho. In my world, any exercise is good. I bowed out for a 10 minute break about 45 minutes into the class and was able to return for the last 15 minutes. Not too bad considering I’ve was taking breaks every hour during anatomy lab last week. I feel asleep in the family room when I got home. Woke, made my way to bed and sleep through the night. Similar to taking naps after my walks in the weeks post-surgery. Clearly that level of effort is enough to deplete my energy. My plan is to try and train twice a week for now and build up some strength and endurance. Who are these people returning to their normal lives in such a short time?

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