That’s 11 more pounds in a week! The latest twist began about 5 days ago. You know that sour patch commercial with the the line “first they are sour, then they are sweet”? Invert that and you have my world. The only thing different I did 5 days ago was eat about 8 gummy fruit snacks. They weren’t sour. I was craving something sweet. Took a snack bag and before I opened it looked for the nutrition label. Unfortunately, it was on the box not the individual pack and I thought “how much sugar can there be?”. Turns out 9g. First they were sweet, then it got sour. The next day my GI tract began clearing everything. Not quite the same as the dumping syndrome I experienced previously. That is usually a one and done experience. Everything I have eaten the past few days is running right through me. I think most of the weight loss is due to water loss and once my body corrects, I can put most of what was lost back on. I have cut out eating anything with more than 3g of sugar. Keeping a drink with me at all times to stay hydrated. Not sure that the one pack has caused all the trouble. I’m beginning to think I may be fighting a small infection. This is more like what I experienced when I ate something bad. There are signs that my my digestive tract is reverting to normal so with luck I will be back to normal soon.

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